Best Wooden Toy Manufacturers in the USA

Wooden toy manufacturers usa

Are you looking for the best wooden toy manufacturers in the USA and don’t know how or where to find them?

Look no further for you’re at the right place.

Wooden toys are the choice of many people because of their durability. However, there are numerous manufacturers of wooden toys in the US, and one cannot tell how corking they are by simply glancing at their names.

The good news is that I was able to scrutinize a long list of names and came up with the best ones.

Best Wooden Toy Manufacturers in the USA

It’s worth noting that wooden toys are quite heavy compared to plastic toys. Kids will have to live with this. But on the bright side, the toys won’t break easily as plastic toys do. So, there won’t be much to worry about how kids handle them.

Here are the names of the top wooden toy manufacturers that made the list after hours of research.

1 Barclay Wood Toys and Blocks

Despite being a small company that operates a size-limited factory, Barclay is one of the manufacturers who make the finest wooden toys in the United States. They are based in Northern Indiana.

Although they produce other things like discs, squares, and balls for other OEM companies, their manufacturing is more narrowed to making classic old-fashioned wooden blocks for kids.

The blocks are made from the American rock maple. This means that the blocks are gilt-edged and free from all sorts of chemicals and insecticides that some wooden toys manufacturers use for protection against wood-eating insects; this makes their block toys safe for kids. An American rock maple, most often than not, does not need these protections.

To top it all off, the woods they use are tested to the standard of Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) by an independent library. Customers and users of their products have attested to the durability and life-longevity of their products over the years.

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2 Maple Landmark

Maple landmark has also been around for ages, specifically since 1979. They are well known for their handmade colored maple train and wooden wagon, which are specially ordered and customized to meet their customers’ needs.

Their toys are top-notch, well crafted, and devoid of rough edges. This is because they are crafted from the finest of woods and are durable provided they are kept out of reach of insects.

They manufacture their toys in Middlebury, Vermont. Their products include wooden rifles, wooden wagons in which kids can put some of their belongings, and palomino stick houses.

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3 Roy Toys

Roy Toys began as a small toy-making shop constituted by Roy K. Dennison in the mid-1930s. He was able to capture the hearts of parents and children by crafting creative toys that children can use to drive their imaginations and live their fantasies.

This is the same code of conduct the company has been able to withhold over the course of years of it becoming a manufacturer widely known in East Machias.

Roy Toys is well licensed with documentation of third-party testing of all toys made by them, all in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Act. Additionally, their toys are made of the all-natural pine woods, which means that they can last for a very long time.

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4 South Bend Woodworks

South Bend Woodworks is another great toy manufacturing company and has its plant situated in South Bend, Indiana. They have a great reputation for manufacturing toys that parents can use to connect with and shower love on their kids.

The founder, Michael Lindburg, out of love for his granddaughter, made a wooden duck step stool for his daughter. He did this to enable her to reach the kitchen and bathroom sink easily. But the smart daughter would use it for other things fueled by her imagination. The prospects of this wooden stool drove Lindburg to make other wooden toys that kids can play with, and in return, love the parents who provided it for them.

South Bend Woodworks’ toys have been known to be long-lasting and easy to use for kids. They make a wide range of toys, some of which include wooden blocks and stacking, personalized name puzzle, and wooden push toys. The positive reports and reviews on their products show that they’re finely made with rock maple, and the textures are smooth in the hand.

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5 D And Me Wood Toys

D And Me Wood Toys manufacture their products in Montana, USA. Their toys are hand-crafted and they have top-notch attention to detail.

They accept orders from all parts of the country; in addition to this, they have a reputation for delivering orders on or before the stipulated time of delivery. This is because their workmen work hard to make sure that orders are fulfilled and their customers are satisfied.

Interestingly, customers can request for toy designs that are not on D And Me Toys’ catalog. And the design will be exactly as requested. The toys last long because they are made of hardwood.

The icing on the cake is that their toys are CPSA compliant. This means the proper toy manufacturing procedures outlined by the authorities are adhered to when making their toys.

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6 Tom’s Toys

Tom’s Toys manufacture the popular wooden building toy, Kapla. This toy is specially made for kids age 3 and above. With their building toys, especially Kapla, kids will be able to test their skills and have fun, hence developing their overall intellect and creativeness.

Other than making fast deliveries to anywhere in the country, they also have stores wherein kids can be taken to build any house of their choice with well-crafted wooden blocks and stacking.

Their toys are made from french pine wood; this wood is known to have stood the test of time. It lasts for a long time and is not easily edible for wood-eating insects. Overall, their toys are gilt-edged and they have a responsive customer service.


Final Words

The toy manufacturers listed here were well researched and as such, you can’t go wrong picking any of them. They make the finest toys you would ever find in the USA and they can deliver their toys to any part of the country.

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