Best Lightweight Toy Hauler Manufacturers

Lightweight Toy Hauler Manufacturers

Are you searching for the best lightweight toy hauler manufacturers? Here’s a list featuring the top 7 of them from around the world.

So many things come to mind when selecting a manufacturer of lightweight toy haulers to buy a recreational vehicle from.

For instance, you need a manufacturer with a record of producing rugged toy haulers that can transport a race bike, custom cruiser, hunting gear, surfboards or any other category of toys you wish to transport per time. Toy haulers that can stand the test of time.

You also need a manufacturer with a good customer relationship. A place where the interest of customers is placed before any other thing.

Depending on your location, delivery can sometimes be an issue. That is why it is important you must be sure that the company offers global delivery as one of their services before you put your money down for their vehicles.

Having said that, let’s go on to talk about the best manufacturers of lightweight toy haulers out there.

Top 7 Lightweight Toy Haulers Manufacturers List

Check out the companies that made the list below.

1 Forest River Inc.

Forest River Inc was founded in 1996 by Peter Liegl. The company produces top-quality recreational vehicles with amazing designs. Apart from just the designs, their vehicles can transport toys of different sizes without any challenge.

Forest River has manufacturing plants all over the United States where they produce toy haulers of different sizes and designs. Among their top-rated toy haulers is the Fury 2912X-Prime Time RV.

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2 Lance Camper

When it comes to toy haulers or any form of recreational vehicles, Lance Camper is a force to reckon with. The company is known to manufacture different kinds of trucks that can suit whatever use you may need them for.

You can comfortably convey your race bikes, hunting gear, or custom cruiser using their toy haulers that are built for both long and short distances.

A good example of a Lance Camper vehicle that you can use to convey your toys is the TH 2612. The toy hauler is built with enough space that can accommodate so many of your toys. It also comes with several other features.

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3 Winnebago Industries Inc.

This company is one of the leading manufacturers of toy haulers in the United States. The company has been in existence since 1958. You can find their manufacturing facilities in Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Oregon.

Winnebago Industries is known for the production of beautiful and strong recreational vehicles with enough space to transport lots of toys at a time.

The company’s vehicles are some of the most sought-after toys in the United States and all over the world.

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4 KZ Recreational Vehicles

KZ Inc. is a subsidiary of Thor Industries Inc. The company is committed to the production of outdoor vehicles that can serve any purpose.

Some of the lightweight toy haulers manufactured by the company are making rounds all over the world.

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5 Thor Motor Coach

This company was formed in 2010 when Four Winds International and Damon Motor Coach merged to operate as one. Thor Motor Coach Inc (TMC) manufactures lightweight toy haulers with cutting-edge designs to meet your needs. The company owns quite a lot of recreational vehicles you will find out there. Their products are sought after not only in the United States but also around the globe.

You can find different toy haulers with a variety of unique styles, sizes, and floor plans on the company’s website.

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6 Jayco Inc.

Jayco Inc is a leading manufacturer of lightweight toy haulers and other kinds of recreational vehicles. The company was established in 1968 and has since grown to become one of the producers of top quality recreational vehicles that are sold around the world.

Jayco produces toy haulers with beautiful designs and enough space to carry lots of toys like custom cruise, race bikes and others that you need to transport to wherever you want.

A good example of a lightweight toy manufactured by Jayco is the Seismic 4250. Inside the vehicle, you’ll find appliances that are made of stainless steel like 39-inch LED TV, fully airconditioned bedroom and living room, and enough space to convey several of your toys.

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7 Crossroads RV

Crossroads is a leading manufacturer of top quality trailers for outdoor and recreational purposes. The company has produced quite a number of toy haulers that are used all over the world.

A good example of the company’s lightweight toy haulers is the Altitude SL ATL 225. The vehicle comes with a lot of features to make camping or other recreational activities a very memorable experience.

You can check out other recreational vehicles manufactured by Crossroads at the company’s official

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Wrap Up

This article reveals the best lightweight toy hauler manufacturers that are known around the world. Although most of these companies are based in the United States, their products are widely used around the world.

The companies are known globally for producing very classic recreational vehicles that can travel both long and short distances without any challenge. So, if you’re searching for such companies, you can go with any of them.

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