List of Where to Buy Sensory Toys

where to buy sensory toys

This article is a comprehensive compilation of where to buy sensory toys for your special needs kid.

I know a few people might think this is unnecessary. But if you take a look at the statistics from the Census Bureau, you’ll find out that approximately 6.2% of children ages 5 to 15 are living with disabilities.

This means that I’ll be doing a favor to the parents of over 2.8 million kids who’re looking for the perfect sensory toys for their children.

So, this article is specially meant for you if you have a child with autism, ADHD, or any special disability.

8 Best Places Where to Buy Sensory Toys

These are the dedicated and reliable places where you can buy sensory toys for the kid you love.

1. Sensory Kids Store

Sensory Kids Store was born out of a mom’s desire to help parents, guardians, educators, caregivers, and medical professionals find all the necessary equipment they need to support their special-needs child.

Their online store features a bunch of carefully chosen stock of developmental, therapeutic and sensory toys, tools, furniture, equipment, aids, and sensory clothing.

These products are globally distributed from the company’s suburban showroom to homes, clinics, schools, medical and community institutions.

In addition to their toy store, they also offer consulting, training, planning, and product procurement services just in case you need advice or want to add a sensory touch to your home, school, or clinic.

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2. Autism Community Store

The autism community store was founded by Shannon Sullivan and was inspired by her father’s dream to create the perfect place that had all the things exceptional people needed to learn and thrive in a growing society.

Today, this little dream has grown into a social enterprise that supports the community and helps families, teachers, therapists, and autistics get the rarest products for individuals with autism, sensory issues, ADHD, and other special needs at an affordable price.

Their store features products like Light Up Sensory Toys, Stretchy Sensory Toys, Tactile Toys, and Visual Sensory Toys. Their toys are categorized to address teens and adults, feelings and emotions, fine motor skills, sleep problems, and so on.

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3. Fun and Function

Like most of the companies on this list, Fun and Function was born out of an individual’s desire for change.

The founders couldn’t find the perfect product for their special needs kids, so they used their professional therapeutic skills to design and manufacture their own sensory products.

Since then, the store has improved the lives of kids with special needs with its therapeutic, affordable, and kid-friendly products.

You can select from their endless toys which are grouped in categories including clothing, cushions, fidges, weighted toys/items, sensory rooms, tunnels and tents, and blankets.

They also render consulting services just in case you’re confused about which products will suit your child.

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4. TFH Special Needs Toys

TFH Special Needs Toys has evolved into a large behemoth in the special needs toy industry since its humble incorporation in 1983.

They manufacture their own line of sensory products that are supplied to schools, therapy centers, daycares, developmental centers, group homes, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, veteran’s centers, and hospitals.

They offer a variety of product types including sensory rooms, visual, auditory, tactile, body awareness, body movement, motor, and communication products.

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5. Sensory Education

Sensory Education Ltd is an online store that offers a fine selection of sensory toys and educational equipment for special needs kids of all ages.

Some of their product categories feature balancing toys, bean bags & sensory cushions, bubble tubes, dens & accessories, fiber optics, fine motor skills, sensory lighting, lightboxes & resources, and educational kit.

They unfailingly supply all their products directly to parents, schools, medical institutions, and charities in the United States and all over the world.

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6. Sense Toys

Sense Toys was created to help parents and medical experts find toys and resources for children with special needs, especially autism.

Although their products are tailored to appeal to all parents and professionals, they’re more popular with those caring for children with special educational needs and learning disabilities.

They’re also particularly popular amongst pediatricians who take care of children with poor or slow language development, dyspraxia, ADHD, autism, and other spectrum disorders.

Visit their site and scroll through their vast inventory. There’s no doubt that you won’t find a thing or two to buy for your special one.

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7. Therapy Shoppe

You should definitely visit Therapy Shoppe if you’re looking for innovative sensory products for your special needs kid to aid motor skills development, self-regulation, sensory integration, handwriting, and other essential skills.

This humble-looking online store has successfully provided excellent customer service and fast shipping to therapists, parents, teachers, and professionals for 27 years.

Therapy Shoppe actually took the time to employ professional pediatric therapists who carefully select the toys and products which are kid, parent, and teacher-approved.

They’re often considered to be one of the best retailers of sensory products on the internet today.

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8. Explore Your Senses

For over  20 years, Explore Your Senses has been a reliable source of toys in the special needs toy industry.

Their site offers a range of products and resources designed to nurture and encourage your child’s natural curiosity and explore most of his senses through sensory toys & games.

Their toys and products are sourced from reputable companies/manufactures and cater to a range of additional needs individuals.

Their best-selling fun kits, exploration bags, and discovery tubs are all packed with special sensory toys and products that are geared towards creating a unique sensory experience for your child.

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Final Words

No matter the toy or product you might be on the lookout for whether it’s for sight, sound, touch or smell, I guarantee that you will find everything you need within these sites. Just visit any of the online stores and pick up your choice.

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