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Kids love playing with farm toys. And playing is important to them because it is the way they practice growing up.

Playing with farm sets helps them to easily start up a discussion with one another and also learn how others think.  It helps them to build a good friendship with their peers. For example, teeter-totters only work when they cooperate.

Farm animal toys are an investment in a child’s development because they enable kids to have direct experience with the world.

They learn how things are on the farm and how they work. They learn about farm animals and machinery from a tender age by playing with farm toy sets.

What are Farm Toys?

Kids farm toys are amusement objects, just like regular toys, designed in the form of farm characters for children.

They are specially made toys that represent machinery and other equipment on the real farm. They give kids more knowledge and impression of being on the farm.

Your kids will be able to practice what they see in reality, movies, or books to some limit.

And no, these toys don’t really have to be used on the farm. They are home toys that give your kids the feel of what happens on the farm. More like bringing the farm to your home.

Major Farm Toys Online

There are different farm toys available online. Here are the major ones that almost every kid will love and cherish.

Why You Should Get Farm Toys for Your Kids

Kids need to have and play with farm toys for a number of reasons.

  • It makes them happy

Kids love farm toys. It is quite different from the traditional ones they’re used to. They get excited when they are presented with farm toys because it’s unique to them.

Give it to them as gifts for their birthdays and you’d be amazed at how much they love it. They’ll spend hours playing with these realistic toys. Kids don’t ask for it most times. And that is what makes it even more unique because it’s an unexpected gift.

  • They learn quickly

You and your kids may not have an easy access to a real farm if you live in the city. Farm toys help kids to bring their imaginations to reality. What they see on TVs or in storybooks will be brought right before them and they can feel it in their hands. This helps them to learn faster.

  • Helps them gain self-confidence

It is true that knowledge is power. Teaching your kids about farm machinery and equipment (not just by reading it to them in books but also) by getting them farm toys to have firsthand knowledge will definitely help to boost their morale and make them self-confident. Your kid will also have a lovely story to tell when others play and share stories about their favorite toys.

Who Should Use Farm Toys?

Farm toys are generally for kids ranging from 1 to 15 years old. But some are particularly designed for a certain category. For example, a farm toy designed for 3 – 5 years old kids may not be fit for use by toddlers.

What to Look for When Buying Farm Toys for Kids

There’s no doubt that age is the first thing to consider when you’re shopping for farm toys. Consider the age of your kid first. Manufacturers often indicate the recommended age on the product.

You don’t want to get a farm toy meant for a 3-year old for a 10-year old. They won’t like it or find it enticing; It will bore them and won’t make sense to them. That’s natural.

Best Farm Toys for Fun: Our Top 5 Picks

Shopping for the best and most suitable farm toys for sale can be a tedious task as a parent.  Here are 5 toys that will keep your kid or toddler happy whether you want to buy farm toys online or in stores.

And yes, hundreds of parents have confirmed that their kids love them and they recommend them to others.

1. Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn with 7 Animal Play Figures

This is a two-story barn stocked with seven plastic farm animals, a folding corral, and a wooden ladder. The animals include cow, turkey, horse, pig, dog, sheep, and goat.

It is fully assembled so that your kids can just fold it open and begin to play with it immediately. The barn comes with chunky and sturdy handles that make it easy to be carried by your young future farmers anywhere they go.

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn features sliding doors to allow the animals come in and out. It also contains separate stalls for each animal so that each one can have some time alone until it is play time.

The folding corral can be moved around and manipulated into different shapes. It can be adjusted into a pentagon, triangle, or square. It is an excellent farm toy for bringing your children’s imagination to reality.

Recommended Age: 36 months – 6 years 

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Barn With 7 Animal Play FiguresBuy from


  • The animals fit nicely in the barn
  • The barn is light and is of good quality
  • It has a perfect size and is adorable
  • There is plenty of space for the animals and your kid’s hand to easily move them
  • It is a very simple and imaginative toy


  • There is no locking mechanism to keep the barn closed while carrying it This doesn’t cause problems but it feels more secure when locked
  • The head of each animal is glued to its body. They’re not in one piece. You’ll have to replace the animals if you don’t like the ones that come with it

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2. Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm

Little People Animal Friends Farm provides a realistic farm role for your toddlers. The barn door or gate makes an animal sound or farm tune when your toddler opens it.

The barn comes with hay bales and 7 realistic animals that can easily be held by your kids in their hands. It is easy for your young farmer to return each animal to its stall by matching them to their pictures.

This farm toy brings the farm world down to size to help your kids figure out what a real farm is all about. It is interactive and educative because toddlers discover cause and effect as they open and close the doors to hear animal sounds.

Recommended Age: 12 months – 5 years

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm

Buy from


  • It is light and the gates close easily for storage and transportation
  • The animals and people are sturdy and durable
  • The barn is easy to assemble and well-built. It makes sounds that are fun for kids and not awkward to adults
  • It is beautiful, simple, and easy to clean
  • The barn folds close and doesn’t take up too much space


  • It has just one point that makes sound
  •  It is difficult to latch close sometimes

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3. Farm Playset with Barn, Animals, Pasture, Crops, Chicken Coop and Storybook

This farm toy is both a barnyard and a puzzle for fun. It comes with a picture book, pasture, barn, garden, chicken coop, 2 characters, and 13 animals.

It is assembled just like a 3-D puzzle. And it can be easily taken apart without any tool because it has no screws.

Moving it from one place to another is easy because all animals and characters stay put in the portable carrying case. The picture book contains beautiful illustrations that are designed to inspire and captivate your kids.

This farm playset does not only focus on animals, unlike other farm toys. It also has a garden with tomatoes, corn, and sunflowers. Your kid will definitely love the artwork of a farmer milking a cow found in this playset.

Recommended Age: 3 years and above

Farm Playset with Barn, Animals, Pasture, Crops, Chicken Coop and Storybook

Buy from


  • It engages kids in building and fantasy
  • The illustration in the book is simple and interesting
  • The carrying case is nice and portable
  • It is beautiful and well-structured


  • The stickers affixed to the sides of the farm components peel off easily
  • Assembling the playset may seem tedious to some people

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4. Big Country Toys Small Ranch Combo

Big Country Toys Small Ranch Combo is made of a special plastic that is safe and durable. The ranch includes a squeeze chute, hay ring, water trough, 7-piece panel set, hay bale, and feed trough.

This sturdy little fence is perfect for imaginative play. This will make a great gift for kids that love to play farming and ranching.

Recommended Age: 36 months – 11 years

Big Country Toys Small Ranch Combo - farm toys

Buy from


  • It is sturdy and the quality is impressive
  • The chute is great. It holds the normal sized toy cow
  • It comes with high-quality and durable plastic


  • The bale ring isn’t the best

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5. John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride

This is a 6-piece set that includes a push-along tractor with connected wagons, 4 removable farm animals, and a farmer. The animals are cow, sheep, horse, and pig.

The sound of each animal can be heard by pushing down the animal. ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ is played when your kid presses down the farmer. You can even mix the sound with the sound of any of the animals by pressing the animal when the ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ is playing.

John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride is an educative farm toy that teaches your toddler animal recognition and sounds. The farmer and figures can be mounted on the wagon by matching them to their respective pictures.

Recommended Age: 18 months – 12 years

John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride

Buy from


  • The sounds are melodious and not too loud and annoying
  • Toddlers can play with the characters even without the tractor
  • It is cute, educative, and entertaining
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • The wagon doesn’t come apart from the tractor


  • The sound stops working after some time – in some cases

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Wrapping Things Up

Kids have lots of energy and can discover emotions with toys. Toys help them deal with emotional conflict or anger and reduce tension.

Sometimes, being a parent can be stressful. This guide will help you take the burden off your shoulders. The selected toys listed above have been recommended by hundreds of parents who found it helpful to their children.

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