15 Best ERTL Farm Toys for Kids and Toddlers

ertl farm toys

ERTL has been producing farm toys that are exact replicas of farm machines since 1945.

This company is known for manufacturing high-quality Ertl farm sets for kids and toddlers.

Most parents who love farm toys have used ERTL products at some stage – during their childhood.

Kids love playing with Ertl toys as they catch a lot of fun using the diecast tractors or other replicas.

Here, I have compiled a collection of the best ERTL farm toys that every kid will definitely fall in love with.

Take your time to go through the list and see which one fits your young farmer.

Best ERTL Farm Toys to Buy

1. Ertl John Deere 8320R Tractor with J & M Grain Cart, 1:64 Scale

ertl john deere farm toys

This tractor is a diecast toy with plastic construction. It features sturdy diecast body with an oscillating front axle. The grain cart comes with a frame and box that makes it rugged and able to withstand harsh conditions.

The dual front and rear tires are made of soft plastic to allow for a smooth and easy ride. The tractor is not as big as you might imagine but it is outstanding and has a high quality.

It is durable and detailed to be regarded as a toy and a collector piece.

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2. Ertl John Deere 9670STS Combine with Duals, 1:64 Scale

ertl 164 scale

The detachable corn head of John Deere 9670STS combine makes it easy for kids to switch from one head to the other. It’s a nice toy to take along with you in the car for road trips.

ERTL John Deere 9670STS combine is well-built and appears like the original machine. It’s small, very realistic and comes with good quality. It’s so cute to watch kids play with it and how they easily snap the interchangeable head.

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3. Ertl John Deere 2200 Diecast Field Cultivator, 1:64 scale

ertl john deere cultivator

Ertl 2200 Diecast Field Cultivator is a licensed 1:16 scale farm toy by John Deere. It’s a combination of both die-cast and plastic construction and hitches well to 1:64 scale tractors.

The cultivator is delicate and may not fit a child who plays hard with toys. Although it’s mostly made of plastic, it significantly increases productivity on the farm. And your kid will be able to cover more ground in a shorter time. It is just as pictured and fun to play with for kids.

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4. Ertl Collectibles John Deere 7215R Tractor with Grain Drill

ertl john collectibles

This is a 1:64 scale set that looks real, like the original tractor. Its authentic decoration and lifelike features make it the best choice for kids. The tractor is somehow small due to its scale rating but makes a great toy for kids that love farm toys.

Ertl Collectibles Tractor with Grain Drill is mostly metal with a little bit of plastic. This makes it a durable toy that can stand abuse.

If you’re looking to decorate a birthday cake for your kid, this farm toy will make a great choice. It’s a nicely made toy. But don’t expect something big when it arrives.

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5. Ertl Dodge Pickup with Diecast Trailer and Bales, 1:64

ertl john deere pickup trailer

Easily haul bales to cattle with this detailed trailer constructed with diecast and plastic materials. It works well with other 1:64 scale accessories and is so realistic.

But pay close attention to the ratio; so that you won’t be disappointed to see something smaller than you hoped. Although it’s a small toy, the trailer is the right choice for little fingers with big imaginations.

The trailer is heavy and durable for a long-lasting and rugged use by kids. The truck and wagon are both great quality, but the bales don’t hold up well sometimes. You may want to reduce the number and organize them well.

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6. Ertl Farm Country Dairy Barn Playset

farm country playset

This country dairy barn is a playset of cows, figures, and farm-related pieces of equipment. It also includes a fence that can be assembled in a number of unique configurations. The set is compatible with various tractors and John Deere toys.

The barn is not put together in the box. So, you or an adult should snap the pieces into place. The roof, sometimes, is a pain and does not snap into place. Glue it with super glue or the special plastic glue for toys if you must use it. Otherwise, remove it.

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7. Ertl Farm Country Grain Feed Set

ertl farm country feed set

This set comprises 3 unique grain bins, a diecast grain truck with removable cover, and other accessories. It’s compatible with John Deere farm toys.

The set is beautifully constructed and well-detailed. The silos are large and sturdy. Building the grain bins is perfect for little hands. You really need to put this set together yourself because it takes time even for an adult.

The set is manufactured by TOMY and licensed by Ertl. You don’t have to worry about stickers peeling off. It doesn’t come with any.

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8. Ertl John Deere 1770NT Diecast Planter, 1:64 Scale

ertl diecast planter

1770NT diecast planter is a 1:64 scale planter with folding planter wings small enough to be handled by toddlers. It features diecast and plastic construction and is compatible with 1:64 tractors.

The planter is a great addition to the collection of any kid that is determined to be a farmer. It is fragile but will stay long enough not to get broken by a child who doesn’t play too rough with toys. It is beautiful, well-built, and well-detailed.

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9. Ertl Big Farm 1:16 John Deere Tractor with Lights & Sounds

ertl big farm

This awesome tractor is well-detailed and durable enough for both indoor and outdoor fun. It looks so real like the original tractor. The best part is that it can be used with various 1:16 farm appliances without any hitch.

Big Farm 1:16 tractor is mostly high-quality plastic that can withstand abuse. The light and sound are normal and don’t annoy parents when kids play with it.

The wheels do not stay on a straight line when the tractor moves. But that won’t be a problem if your kid enjoys driving it all through.

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10. Ertl Case IH True Tandem 330 Turbo Diecast Disc, 1:64 Scale

ertl true tandem

Ertl Turbo diecast disc comes with folding wing frames. It features diecast and plastic construction and attaches properly to 1:64 tractors. It is a durable toy with metal rods to keep it in the proper position.

This realistic disc has 3 packers to pack dirt and little discs which make it fun for kids. The plastic in it doesn’t scratch the ground and is lightweight. The toy is very realistic and makes your kid imagine disking the ground like on a real farm.

It’s a colorful case disc with great detail. A replica of the real thing. It works well with all Ertl pieces of equipment.

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11. Ertl Collectibles New Holland Dealer Truck with T7030 Tractor

ertl collectibles

This is a combo of a straight truck and a tractor. The truck has chrome plated wheels, air cleaners, front bumper, exhaust stack and visor, and front grille. While the tractor features die-cast construction and comes with a cab, front axle, and single wheels.

The farm toy has a height of about 2 inches, a length of about 6 inches, and width of about 3.5 inches. It is a perfect toy that can be carried about by kids due to its small size.

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12. Ertl John Deere Vehicle Value Set

ertl john deere vehicle set

This is a great vehicle set that comprises a 4WD tractor, row crop tractor, and pickup truck. The vehicles are made of plastic and die-cast parts with free rolling wheels. Each vehicle is solidly built and well-detailed. Both tractors have metal fronts.

These beautiful vehicles are sturdy and durable for use by playful kids. They still hold up even when kids don’t play gently with them. The pickup has 2 color variants; white and yellow. The color doesn’t really matter as long as your kid loves the set.

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13. Ertl Big Farm 24 Pack of Small Square Bales

ertl square bales

This pack is the right choice for you if you’re looking for accessories to add to your big farm collection. The bales are made of high-quality plastic durable for long-lasting indoor and outdoor fun. These bales are not readily available in most stores.

They are beautiful bales with great sizes that fit nicely into the loft of a barn. Depending on the size of the barn, you may not use all 24 bales at ones. The bales come with excellent sizes and perfect for little ranchers.

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14. Ertl John Deere 8” Monster Treads Shake N Sounds Combine

ertl shake and sound

Ertl Monster Treads is equipped with super bouncy tires and all-terrain steering to make it realistic. It shakes and makes a little noise, which is not annoying. It features a solid plastic pipe that can be pulled out to the side.

It makes a great toy for toddlers as the rumbling noise entices them. The safety of your kid was put into consideration in the construction of this toy as it has no sharp edges. The combine can withstand being rolled into the wall without breaking apart.

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15. Ertl John Deere Big Farm Skid Steer Set

ertl big farm skid steer

Make your kid imagine realistic a life on the farm with this skid steer that comes with light and sound like a real machine. The interchange front attachments that come with it include bucket and pallet forks to move the two large bales and four cement blocks easily.

The sound is not too noisy and annoying. Kids love to play around with it all day. It works great and is durable for kids that play rough. It goes well with other farm sets.

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  1. Just like the real thing, only smaller; these genuine ERTL replicas feature die cast construction, real moving parts, and an attention to detail that has been synonymous with the ERTL name for over 70 years.

  2. My daughter loves playing with her farm toy. I think she got that preference for farm toys from her father, who’s a farmer himself.

  3. I’ve noticed that ertl farm toys last longer than most other brands

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