Top 7 Realistic Animal Toys Set Children Love

Vtech Farm Animals set - children farm toys

Any animal toys set that nurtures creative play in all children is ninety percent child and ten percent toy.

The world of nature is a natural setting for an imaginative play.

Kids love to imitate what adults do. Give them a set of kid-sized tools and the opportunity to get creative with plant life; you’ll be amazed at what will happen.

They may help you weed or just fashion a habitat for fairies or gnomes. Either way, you win.

Below is a list of selected realistic animal toys to help build creativity in young farmers.


7 Realistic Children Farm Toys for Your Young Farmer

1. LEGO Minecraft 21114 the Farm


Lego Minecraft Farm Toy

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LEGO Minecraft allows young farmers to build their own creations. Creativity and imagination are endless with this set.

Although it is designed for kids that are 8 years and above, it is used perfectly by smart kids below the age. It contains 262 assorted pieces to make kids experience the farm and nurture precious crops and supplies.

The advantage of this Minecraft over others is that there isn’t just one way to build the farm. Many other sets are finished once they have been built. But this kit can be built in an infinite number of ways, offering a long-term fun to your kid.

Your child can use the crafting table to create a pumpkin helmet or jack-o’-lantern. The set includes the main Minecraft guy – Steve, a couple of lanterns, skeleton, sheep, cow, shovel, treasure chest, Minecraft crafting table, pumpkin head, blue clear LEGOS for water, LEGOS to build trees, platforms on which to work and build, and other accessories.

Assembling the set won’t be a great challenge even if your little one has never owned or used a LEGO Minecraft. All you have to do is to follow the instructions on construction in the detailed booklet that comes with the set.

Overall, the assembly is easy and it is a great toy for kids to play with.

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2. John Deere 1st Farming Fun – Fun on the Farm Playset

John Deere Farm Set

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It contains 2 farmers, 4 farm animals, 3 wagons, accessories and 4 vehicles: a gator, John Deere combine, and two tractors. Take advantage of the 20 pieces of toys in this set to help your child create real harvesting action.

These pieces come in perfect sizes for little hands to handle. The set provides your kid with different ways to play and be a farmer. It works well with barns like Lincoln logs.

The toys are made of high-quality plastics and the implements are excellent. They are not cheaply made and can withstand being tossed around by toddlers. The tractor carts are removable; they can be switched between the machines.

One feature that really entices kids in this kit is that they are able to insert the people and farm animals easily.

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3. Fisher-Price Little People See n’ Say Farmer Eddie Says

Fisher Price Farm Toy

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Fisher-Price Little People See n’ Say is a useful toy to help your kid learn cause and effect. It’s easy to use.

It helps kids connect pictures of farm animals to their respective sounds. Simply point the arrow at the picture and pull the lever to hear the name and sound of the particular animal.

You don’t have to worry about taking it along with you when visiting family friends, grandparents or any other family member. It comes with a built-in handle, which makes it portable.

One downside is that it doesn’t say the name of the animal immediately you pull the lever the first time. It first makes the sound and then the name when you pull the lever again.

The toy is durable, cute and has lots of animal sounds. It is a great addition to the collection of any kid that loves animals and loves to learn the sounds they make.

An amazing feature I love about this toy is the availability of the game that comes in the form of a song that says “find the animal that says…”. This helps your baby to quickly learn sounds of different animals.

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4. Baa-Baa-Barn Farm House

Ba Ba farm toy

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Kids love interactive toys that bring their imagination to life. This playset is interactive and seemingly offers your kid a real-life experience.

The doors of the barn open and close, the lights come on, the windmill spins, the balls swirl down the silo, the roof patch can be lifted, and the animals make sounds. It is constructed with a handle, which makes it portable.

It contains 7 animals and whenever you put the pig, sheep, horse, or cow inside the barn doors, they’ll start to sing. They can sing up to 4 types of songs; each sound depends on who’s on the floor.

The barn contains two balls that are perfect sizes for little hands to grasp. One of the balls contains small corn cobs and the other one has small beads inside it. Kids love to put the balls down the silo and take them out from the door at the bottom. It’s a nice high-quality toy that will make a perfect collection for any child.

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5. VTech Go! Go! Go! Smart Animals Grow and Learn Farm

Vtech Farm Animal

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This is a language development toy that is excellent for your child’s early education. It comes with over 100 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases. VTech barn is electronic and introduces colors, numbers, and plants.

The barn is constructed with interactive features that encourage toddler learning. The different noises and phrases really interest kids and capture their attention for a long time. It works well with other VTech farm toys. This will provide your kid with even more play options.

VTech Smart Animals Grow and Learn Farm features a sensitive rooster that sits on a swing and says “I love to swing”. It’s an entertaining toy for toddlers.

One notable downside is that the pieces of the set move out of place easily. You may need to constantly put it back together.

The barn is easy to assemble and can be put together in different ways. The colors are bright, entertaining and inviting. Every kid gets attracted to it easily.

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6. Old MacDonald’s Farm Soft Play Set for Toddlers

Old Macdonald Farm Toy

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This children’s farm set comes with a farmer, horse, sheep, pig, duck, and cow. The animals are soft and fit in their pens in the farm.

It’s a cute and well-made fabric farmyard that is quite better than plastic. It’s well put together and has a lot of play options. The pieces are stored in a lightweight barn, which has an easy to carry handle. This makes it a very portable toy that can be easily carried along with you everywhere you go.

Unzip the barn to have a farm field area with grass, pond for the duck and muddy area for the pig. The soft fabric makes children love it. This will make a great gift and a durable toy for any kid.

The quality of the design and fabric, size, primary color implementation, handle for portability, easy assembly, and ease of use all combine to make for hours of fun. The farm equipment and animals are charming and realistic.

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7. LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm

Leap Frog Farm Toy

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Life on the farm is interesting. But life on the farm from home is even more interesting for kids. This toy offers a playful and engaging way to interact with life on the farm as your child learns sounds, rhythm, colors, melodies, and animal names.

It allows them to turn keys, push buttons, and flip switches to build excellent motor skills. Although it doesn’t sing the old Macdonald song, it sings “who’s on the farm today”, which is lovely and entices kids.

LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm has so many little things that entertain children and also teaches them while they play with it. It is compact and convenient to move around when you need to take it along to anywhere your child may need a little entertainment – thanks to the yellow handle at the top.

The sound is adjustable and can be switched from singing to talking. The toy is neither too huge nor too small for kids.

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