11 Durable Diecast Farm Toys & Tractors that Make Perfect Gifts for Kids

Diecast construction vehicle

Imagine the joy you feel when you get a diecast farm toy for a kid and the kid loves it.

We all love that feeling.

There is nothing more annoying than spending a lot of time to search for the best present for a kid and you end up getting a toy that breaks down soon after the kid starts to use it.

Some toys are just not worth the money and effort. We all want toys that kids will use for a long time and always remember us as the relative or friend that made them happy.

The best way to achieve this is to get a good quality toy that will not only last long but also make the child happy.

Best Diecast Farm Toys & Tractors

Here’s a list of the best creative diecast construction toys, diecast farm tractors, and other diecast farm toys that will make your kid smarter.

1. Sherosa 4 Pieces 1/64 Diecast Model Mini Farm Tractor Cars Vehicle Play Set for Kids

Diecast Farm Toy

Sherosa diecast mini farm tractor is a great set of farm vehicles for every little farmer. Each of the tractors in the set has its own trailer which hooks onto it easily without falling off.

This set offers your kid hours of fun and pleasure. The tractors move smoothly on any surface while the trailers stay firmly attached.

It’s an awesome and realistic set that will make a great gift to any little fellow. The set is durable and educative. Perfect for teaching kids the names of different vehicles.

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2. Ertl John Deere RSX 850I Diecast Gator, 1/16 Scale

John Deere diecast tractor

It features steerable front wheels with lifting tailgate and a detailed interior. And comes with a diecast and plastic construction that makes it able to perform efficiently in any environment.

It is a perfect toy for your gator loving kid. This replica of the real RSX850i is well-detailed and the bed can dump things. It is very sturdy and can even make a good gift for your loving spouse that works with such equipment.

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3. TOMY International Hesston Haying Set 1/64 Die-Cast Metal Replica

Diecast Haying toy
This is one of those rare sets that contain everything you need to start haying on your mini farm. It is a high-quality 1/64 diecast metal replica that comes with a proprietary design.

TOMY haying set delivers exceptional performance and is suitable for kids below 15 years. It is well-made with nice details. Your young farmer would fall in love with its design.

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4. Green Diecast Metal Farm Tractor Toy with Pull Back Action

Diecast Tractor

Green diecast farm tractor has a pullback action that allows it to drive forward on a flat surface. It is an awesome toy to add to a collection for anyone who loves the farm life.

The high-quality diecast metal measures 4 x 3 x 2.5 inches. This makes it suitable for little hands. It is a lovely tractor with a beautiful appearance.

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5. Ertl John Deere Semi with Backhoe Diecast Loader, 1/64

Ertl diecast farm toy

Your kid will admire this nice combination that goes perfectly with 1/64 scale tractors and trucks. It is sturdy and well-made. You don’t have to worry about the durability of this Ertl farm toy because it lasts long.

Kids can use the scoop to pick up small hay bales from one truck to another. The only downside is that it is not a full line of construction. But sure, kids love it.

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6. Ertl Dodge Pickup with Diecast Trailer and Bales, 1/64 Scale

Ertl diecast trailer

Ertl dodge pickup is metallic and very realistic. It will amaze any kid that loves anything farm related. It is an excellent farm toy with a high durability potential. The bales are made of plastic and can sometimes roll off the trailer.

The only downside is that it is smaller than expected. Everything about the truck and trailer is great besides that. The trailer stays hooked onto the tractor.

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7. Ertl Case IH True-Tandem 330 Turbo Diecast Disc, 1/64-Scale

Ertl Turbo Diecast

This realistic piece works well with other 1/64 scale pieces of machinery. It has a good quality and high durability like other Ertl products. It is the best toy to get for your future farmer if you’re looking for a replica of the real thing.

The piece comes with a light-weight plastic that makes it easy to move for your little one. And it folds easily and comes with packers to pack dirt. It’s good for creativity as the disc helps your child to imagine using the real disc on a real farm.

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8. ToyZe Construction Vehicles Diecast Metal and Plastic, 5 Inch Pack of 4

Diecast construction vehicle

Toyze construction vehicles offer kids the ability to build things around as much as they desire. The set contains a good variety of vehicles that create interest and new talking points. The best part is that it is not too fiddly to get out of the pack.

This set of diecast vehicles is definitely good for sandbox fun. The vehicles are sturdy and durable. The scoops, wheels, and buckets move as if they’re real vehicles. They feature attractive and bright colors that make their appearance lovely.

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9. Ertl Collectibles Case IH Disk Diecast Vehicle

Ertl diecast vehicle - diecast farm toys

Ertl collectibles case allows young farmers to turn over dirt out of the sandbox. The rough sand in the box is smoothened using the free-rolling plastic disc blades mounted to a diecast frame.

The disc easily turns over to the ground when your little farmer pushes it down. It works well and attaches firmly to 1/64 tractors. This vehicle features authentic decoration like the real machine and it comes with 2-piece wheels and tires.

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10. Ertl John Deere 1770NT Diecast Planter, 1/64 Scale

Ertl diecast planter

This is a 16-row planter that features diecast and plastic construction. It is a great addition to a collection of realistic farm toys.

The planter offers hours of fun with its awesome design and well-detailed construction. It is a small version of a real planter and will make a perfect present for your child, nephew, or niece.

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11. Boley Farm Tractor Toy with Lights and Sound – Educational Toy for Toddlers that Seek Pretend Play

Boley diecast farm tractor

Boley farm tractor is an educational toy designed to improve the creativity of children. It is beautiful, well-crafted with bright colors and makes a lovely sound. The tractor is easy to use and perfect for kids that enjoy playing with toys with light and sound.

The sound even makes it more realistic because it mimics the sound of a real tractor engine. Boley farm tractor is a great alternative or addition to John Deere farm toys. This toy has passed through several tests to make it even more durable than other toys. It is worth getting for your future farmer as an alternative to John Deere farm toys.

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