Where to Buy Breyer Horses (Full List)

where to buy breyer horses

Breyer is best known for manufacturing model horses that are similar to the sculptures of the artist.

The horses are handmade and painted with air and paintbrushes; a method that’s still carried out by natural processes, not technologies.

Every version of Breyer is an original model of horses, from bone and muscle development to appearance, decoration, and branding.

The horses are unique and not available in just any store. Now, the question is, where can you buy Breyer Horses?

Read on to find out.

A Brief about Breyer

Breyer Animal Creations began as Breyer Molding Business in Chicago, Illinois, in 1950.

The company became famous when it was approved by the government to produce a horse sculpture to decorate a mantel clock (which is renowned as the #57 Western Horse). It was about a size of 1:9 and the horse design was preserved for the sculpting of the components.

Immediately after, requests were made for Breyer’s horses and this eventually made the company Breyer Animal Creations famous. Breyer has now become a significant dealer in the business of model horse production.

Reeves Intl purchased Breyer Animal Inventions in 1984 and spent the next two decades completing the transition from toy supply to production. Model horses are marketed on the Breyer official site via autonomous suppliers.

Although initially produced in the United States, Breyer brands are now manufactured in China.

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Breyer horse designs have different scales:

  • Conventional: 1:9 scale (older teenager designs are about 11′′ long and 9′′ high)
  • Classic: scale 1:12 scale (older teenager versions are about 9′′ long and 6′′ high)
  • Ponies/Dapples/Pony Gals: 1:12 scale (older teenager versions are about 9′′ long and 6′′ high)
  • Paddock Pal/Little Bits: 1:24 scale (about 6′′ long and 5′′ high). They are now retired but some items still exist in creative kits
  • Stablemates: 1:32 scale (roughly 4′′ long and 3′′ high)
  • Mini Whinnies: 1:64 scale (around 2′′ long and 1′′ high)

Where to Buy Breyer Horses

1 Breyer Horses

Get the most beautiful Breyer model horses on the official website of the company. It features so many products including hard-to-find horses.

The horse collections on the site are complete and you’ll find the featured models incredible. Featured models include the Breyer horse of the year and Black Beauty.

The official website also provides information on some unique events like the BreyerFest where you can meet other lovers of the model horses.

2 Amazon

Amazon is known as one of the best e-commerce platforms in the world. Being a site with arguably all products in the world, Amazon makes it easy for its buyers to find their desired Breyer horse. It has not only remained consistent, but it also focuses on customer satisfaction. This makes it a perfect go-to site for tried and tested Breyer horses.

On Amazon, each Breyer Model Horse comes with a review from previous users; this will give you a good direction on the right product to buy.

3 eBay

eBay is another site to get any product of your choice. If you are looking for some used, yet, quality Breyer Horses, eBay is your ideal choice. It’s also a place to get hard-to-find products.

Also, eBay gives you the chance to buy Breyer Horse directly from users that want to sell theirs. This allows you to meet with another Breyer lover who can give you a first-hand experience of the model horse.

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4 The Model Horse Store

The company, Horse’n Around, owns and manages Model Horse Store. The store offers different types of model horses including the unique Breyer horse.

With an online store centered on different model horses, you’ll be able to compare different types and select the one you desire most.

The site is designed for quick and easy navigation. There is a price range option on the sidebar, which helps you to locate the best Breyer horse that fits your budget. You’ll also get to quickly know the latest product from the weekly feature bar.

5 Jack’s County Store

Jack’s County Store allows you to find products that showcase American culture. It offers hard-to-find traditional Breyer horses and all kinds of Breyer accessories, toys, and collectibles. There are also excellent gift products in their Breyer collection.

The Breyer vacation decorations will bring back your happy memories of when you were still a child and create a sentimental gift. Alternatively, the unique Breyer ornaments can be a great way to create some new memories.

Shop the complete Breyer horses set which are for sale on this store. They will surely get you something beautiful for yourself, or a special gift for your loved one.

Breyer Horse Price

The price of Breyer horses varies, depending on various factors. The Palomino Alborozo was priced at $13,500 at a listing. This makes it the most valuable Breyer ever produced.

Wrap Up

It is important to note that Breyer horses come with dolls that are decorated explicitly for flexibility and can easily fit in on the collectible horses. Such dolls are quite durable, finely detailed, and beautiful (from my personal experience, older designs are a little less fashionable).

The “Modern” dolls and their accompanying Breyer horses are shaped on a scale of 1:12. The official Breyer website also revealed that the “Old” dolls and horses were modeled on a ratio of 1:9.

It’s interesting to know that most teenage girls who own Breyer horses love to saddle them and make blankets for tackling them.

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